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We build tomorrow .. with originality and mastery

Ethmar construction and building company

A company founded in 2009. Since its inception, the company has been engaged in various contracting activities, such as constructing buildings, roads, tunnels, fences, landscaping, and landscaping creative, electrical, youth gardens, among other works in the field of general contracting. It has undertaken many projects with ministries and government agencies. We are always fully creative and complete projects with the highest specifications. Among the distinguished work there is implementation, and for this we provide a staff of engineers, supervisors, experts and manpower.

Our Message

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Leadership and excellence in the field of the contracting sector to serve the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia And keeping pace with Vision 2030

Our Vision

Introducing a pioneering model for national companies to support the construction and development process with the highest standards

Our Goals

We look forward to contributing to building and developing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and securing a supported creative environment


Board Chairman Word

The strategic vision has been carefully crafted for us to become pioneers in the field of contracting, where, God willing, we meet the aspirations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its vision for 2030. We have noticed that our continued success is primarily due to the grace of God Almighty, then to the joint efforts of all those who work with us in various activities of our company, and their shared sense of responsibility. This success has been further enhanced by strong strategic relationships built on honesty, loyalty, and high professionalism in executing our projects. We have particularly focused on the development and training of key national talents, enabling them to take on responsibilities in our field of work. We take pride in localizing high levels of employment and continually strive to increase this ratio to support our economy and enhance our nation as a whole. We are committed to directing our energies and efforts in all areas that serve the economic and social communities to achieve the Kingdom’s vision for 2030.

Why Ethmar Contracting Company?

Building relationships

Building strategic relationships and alliances with clients and the various segments that make up the Saudi economy.

Adopting an integrated development system

The company relies on a precise and integrated development system to ensure that goals are achieved with the highest quality.

Project management and development

We manage and develop our projects according to the principles and standards of professional project management.

Innovation and sustainability

At Ithmaar, we believe in the importance of innovation and sustainability in all aspects of our work.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We always strive to provide services that exceed customer expectations.

Commitment to quality and safety

We place quality and safety as our top priorities at all stages of project implementation.

Ethmar Experts work with a clear vision

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Establishing a walkway in King Fahd Park

Rabigh Infrastructure Project King Abdulaziz University

Airport roundabout, Medina

Project to complete a water tank and Tabuk tower

Infrastructure project at the General Ports Corporation in Duba Governorate

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Earthworks project in Neum

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Intersection development and park construction project (Quba Avenue)

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

A project to install barriers and interlocks in Al-Qunfudhah Housing

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Infrastructure works project in Al-Qunfudhah Housing

Visual treatment project in Medina

The Methodology of Ethmar

Working within an Integrated Development System

Ethmar Construction and Building initiates and develops projects through a structured framework. This includes planning, designing, and executing infrastructure and superstructure operations. The process begins with assessing economic feasibility, followed by planning and engineering studies, financial planning, and creating marketing strategies. Ethmar prepares development plans, designs operations, and obtains necessary approvals. The project then moves to implementation and management. Finally, experts handle the management, operation, and maintenance, ensuring specialized solutions for every project.

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